Reasons to Rent a Limousine for Valentine’s Day

The Big Day is this Weekend!  Needless to say, Valentine’s is the day that most lovebirds look forward to every year.  This year can be a year to remember, with very little planning.  You can do that simply by ordering a limousine. Here’s three reasons you should:

1.  Leave the driving to someone else for the night.  […]

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Chicago Restaurant Week: January 30 – February 12

If you need a good reason to get outside while the snow is up to our knees, here’s one:  It’s Chicago Restaurant Week!  Over 250 restaurants across the city are taking part in the event, where you can sample the city’s fine cuisine offerings from across the globe.  Korean, Spanish, Thai and other dishes are priced as low as […]

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Make Valentine’s Day Special This Year

   You can make Valentine’s Day can be special this year, with just a little planning. You can make dinner reservations on, with more than two-hundred restaurants in Chicago taking Valentine’s Day reservations. If you are planning to celebrate outside of the Chicagoland area, your city can be found on their website as […]

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