Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K

It’s almost like an annual tell tale sign of spring, the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k is back.  It’s when thousands of runners dressed in green fill the Chicago streets on Sunday and pack the McCormick Place for registration and swag pick up on the Friday and Saturday before hand.  As long as […]

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Fellowship Fleet Tackles NCAA March Madness

By now, you should have your March Madness brackets in order, the game schedule printed out (or entered into your digital calendar) and you should know that Kentucky is still favored as March Madness heads into the Sweet Sixteen.  At least this is what all of the sports experts are saying.

Most importantly, you need […]

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Fellowship Fleet Limousine Featured in LCT Magazine


Limousine Charter & Tour Magazine tapped Chicago-based Fellowship Fleet President and Owner Travis Latham for a feature  on handling last minute cancellations. After several years in the transportation business, Fellowship Fleet has acquired a vast transportation alliance and can service travelers across the world.

In this industry feature, Latham discusses how affiliate cancellations are handled […]

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