2018 CT6 Sedan

As defined by its’ name, Cadillac brings the best of the best in luxury in 2018 with its’ latest sedan, the CT6.  Performance, technology and craftsmanship are uppermost what the CT6 exudes. This sedan has a variety of interior and exterior features to choose from.  Also, the CT6 offers the best in entertainment […]

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Climate Change

Climate Change History
Climate change, also referred to as global warming, has a great affect on Earth’s atmosphere. You can’t turn on the television, read a newspaper or magazine article without there being some mention of global warming.  Earth’s climate has consistently changed throughout history.  Sixteen of the past seventeen years have shown record breaking […]

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Super Bowl LII

NFL Super Bowl
Sunday, February 4, 2018 is the set date for Super Bowl LII. The New England Patriots will face Philadelphia Eagles. The New England have over five winning victories from Super Bowls while The Eagles most recent victory was in the year of 1960. The major event will take place in Minneapolis at […]

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2018 NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs Teams
The NFL Playoff Season consist of 8 teams remaining. The teams include the Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Minnesota Vikings. In league history, the Jaguars, Falcons, Titans, Eagles and Vikings has never won a Super Bowl Championship Game. Finally, the […]

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Martin L. King Day

Life of Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Day also known as MLK Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of January. President Ronald Regan signed Martin Luther King Day into law in January of 1983. It celebrates the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King played a […]

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