Chicago’s Jazz Festival 2018

Chicago’s Jazz Festival is a popular four-day FREE music festival. The Jazz festival was started by several Chicago musicians in 1974, due to the death Composer/Bandleader Duke Ellington. As a result, this event is their way of honoring him.

To begin, the 40th annual Chicago Jazz Festival is scheduled for August 29- September 2 in […]

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Transportation for Weddings.

Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company also offer transportation for Weddings. In addition, we provide transportation for bachelor or bachelorette parties. We offer charters for wedding pictures, airport transfers, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, and more.

Choosing transportation is a very important decision when planning your wedding. Therefore, Fellowship Fleet would like to make your travel […]

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Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day commemorates the Nineteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The amendment was adopted into the United States Constitution on August 26, 1920.  Thus, no state or federal government can deny any U.S. citizen the right to vote based on their sex.  The year 1920 marked seventy-two years of campaigning for equal treatment of […]

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Back To School Transportation

It’s time for “Back To School Transportation”.  Summertime is almost over.  Many children are getting ready for this upcoming school year.  Although there are various means for transportation, buses are the safest.  School buses are designed with flashing lights, giant mirrors, high seat backs and that bright yellow color.  Also, the buses reduce the number of cars […]

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Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day is the day we honor and recognize contributions made by older persons.  As a result, August 21st is the day we annually observe Senior Citizens Day.  Initially, people were known to celebrate this day on August 14th.  Why?  Because on August 14, 1935, the Social Security Act was signed by President […]

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End of summer travel tips.

Although summer is coming to an end there is still time to get that vacation in! While traveling it is still important to take care of your body. Things a simple as adjusting to a new time zone or staying active in high heat is essential. We’ve created a list to make sure you’re prepared for […]

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Gas Prices

Gas prices are rising.  By May of this year, studies showed that gas prices had increased by 13 percent since the beginning of the year.  This is due to the sharp rise in the cost of crude oil.  Currently, studies are showing that every $1-a-barrel advance in crude oil is going to be accompanied […]

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Bud Billiken Parade

The Bud Billiken Parade is on its’ 89th year this August 11th.  It is the United States’ largest African American parade.  The sponsor is Chicago Defender Charities, Inc.  Also, the parade will be televised.  As usual one can expect drill teams, dance teams, battling bands, and more!  This year’s theme, “Back to Bud”, means focusing […]

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Purple Heart Day.

Purple Heart Day is August 7. It’s time for Americans to pause to remember and honor the brave men and women. Wounded on the battlefield or killed.
Purple Heart Day commemorates the day in 1782. When General George Washington created the Purple Heart Medal. The medal is awarded to those wounded or killed while serving […]

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National Oyster Day.

Oyster 101
National Oyster Day is observed annually on August 5th. Oysters are enjoyed in many parts of the world as a delicacy.

There are over 100 different species of oysters.  Typically they’re named after the body of water in which they’re grown.

Oysters take on the characteristics of the water in which they live. This impacts […]

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