Gold Star Mother’s Day

Gold Stars and Blue Stars
Gold Star Mother’s Day is an observed holiday. Observation in the United States is the last Sunday in September. The purpose of this observed holiday is for the Mother’s who have lost a daughter or son while serving their nation. However, the name came from the customs of military families […]

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Native Americans’ Day

Native Americans’ Day, also known as Indigenous People’s Day, is a public holiday. The observance is in five locales.  California (9/28/18) and South Dakota (10/8/18) celebrate this day as Native Americans’ Day.  However, Alaska and some parts of California, Minnesota, and Washington observe this day as Indigenous People’s Day on October 8, 2018.  In 1990, through […]

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Frequent Traveler

The frequent traveler has seen a decline in perks offered.  As a result of things like rising fuel costs and flight training, airlines are cutting back on the loyalty programs.  Also, some frequent travelers just have too many points.  Therefore, the value of a mile is worth much less than before.   The industry never […]

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Artificial Technology (AI)

In this day in age, Artificial technology plays a huge part in our daily lives.

Artificial intelligence-equipped self-driving cars have purred into the spotlight. This year at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence, visitors got to experience driverless vehicles.

The self-driving cars use camera, radar, and a light detection and ranging system to start the vehicles. The vehicles can also […]

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Air Force Birthday

History of the Air Force
President Truman, in 1947, signed the National Security Act.  As a result, a new defense organization was created.  Also, the United States Air Force was born.  Its’ birthday is September 18, 1947.  It is independent of, however equal to, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy.  Before its’ independence, the […]

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SPIRO at the WMF

The English band Spiro will be performing at the World Music Festival this year.  Spiro is an instrumental musical group.  The band was formed in 1993 and has released four albums on the UK label Real World Records.  Therefore, they will be performing at the free admission festival on Wednesday (9/19/18) and Thursday (9/20/18).  So, come on […]

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National Clean Up Day

Clean up the Outdoors
National Clean up day is the third Saturday in September. It was created to celebrate the importance of caring for outdoor spaces. So, the removal of litter from parks, trails, and community spaces will keep the outdoors clear of trash. Therefore, by everyone picking up one piece of trash from the […]

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The Fall season is approaching and it’s time for homecomings.  Usually held in late September or early October in the form of a banquet or dance.  Although, homecomings can be a week-long event.  If it’s for a college, then the event is for the alumni.  Also, if it’s for high school, it’s the football game that celebrates […]

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Benefits of face to face meetings.

In this new day in age with new video chat technology skype, facetime etc. Having a good oldfashioned face to face meeting may seem a bit old school. Although they are practically the same one may not realize all the true advantages of a face to face meeting. So, without further wait let us get […]

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Patriot Day

Patriot Day.  No one in the world can forget September 11, 2001.  Four planes were hijacked.  Three of these planes were intentionally flown into three buildings by hijackers.   The Pentagon in Washington DC was one building.  The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York were the other two.  Also, […]

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