Nevada Day

On October 31, 1864 Nevada was the 36th state admitted into the Union.  As a result, Nevada Day commemorates this admission.  Also, in the 1870’s the Pacific Coast Pioneer society held the first observance of Nevada Day.  Celebration is on the last Friday of every October.  Lastly, in 1933 the state legislature established it as […]

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Sweetest Day

In 1922, in Cleveland, Ohio Sweetest Day began.  The philanthropist and candy company employee Herbert Birch Kingston thought of bringing happiness to others.  As a result, he began offering candy to ophans, shut-ins and others.  Thus, with the help of family and friends he began to issue candy and small gifts to the underprivileged.  This […]

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Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is the day that employees honor their bosses.  The conceptual basis is to improve employer-employee relations.  As a result, you can celebrate this day by gifting a card, candy, or chocolates to a boss or supervisor.  Also, some employees may even pool their money together to give a bigger gift.

However, this day […]

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White Cane Safety Day

In 1921, by proclaimation of  James Biggs of Bristol the white cane was invented.  As a result of loosing his sight, the artist had to adjust to the changes in his environment.  Traffic around his home was a large presence.  His solution was to paint his walking stick white.  By doing so, this made him more visible […]

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Navy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Happy 243rd birthday!  The Continental Congress created the first naval force on October 13, 1775.  However, by 1794 the small fleet upgraded to a half-dozen frigates.  As a result, the Department of the Navy was established by 1798.  Yes, folks the United States Navy was here to stay!  Today, you will find 326,000 serving […]

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Columbus Day

Observance for Columbus Day is on the second Monday of October, every year.  This day honors the discovery of the Americas by the explorer Christopher Columbus.  It is a public holiday, however, it is controversial.  Why?  Well, the European settlement into the Americas caused the ultimate disenfranchisement of Native Americans.  Also, records show that the […]

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Convention Transportation

Convention season is in full swing. Convention transportation will be the first opinion a person or group will form. Transport usually starts at the airport to the hotel.   As a result, there are various modes of transportation.  The usual options are as follows:

Taxi/Ride Share Service
Airport Limo
Renting a car
Public transportation

Although these four […]

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