National Fragrance Day is Thursday, March 21st. Spring is approaching and some fragrances will remind you of springtime (hyacinths). Scents and memory go hand-in-hand. Such as, catching the scent of a fragrance of a loved one can trigger fond memories. Also, fragrances with scents like apple, pumpkin or ginger may reminds us of the seasons.

History shows that fragrances have been around for quite some time. The first known perfumes were made by a female chemist named Tapputi in the year 1200 BCE. Also, circa 1370, fragrance products were used for grooming as well as medicinal purposes. Lastly, the discovery of using cologne after shaving to enhance your skin was the brainchild of French barber Jean-Jacques Perret, circa 1770.

To honor National Fragrance Day, splurge on your favorite scent. Visit a design studio and create your own unique perfume or host a fragrance party and let your guest discover new scents.

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