National Chili Day is on the 4th Thursday of February. This year it’s on February 28th. Since it’s usually cold around this time of year, chili will be appropriate for consumption. No one actually knows when, where or how chili exactly came about. According to enthusiasts, chili concoctions start as early as the 1600s. We do know that the U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson was a big chili lover. His favorite, Pedernales River Chili, was named after the locale of his Texas Hill Country ranch. The former President’s love of the stew is believed to be one of the reasons chili is so popular in America.

Consequently, there are a plethora of chili recipes to choose from. There’s three bean chili, classic chili, smokey firehouse chili, chili con carne, and the list goes on and on. So, pull out that old family recipe with the “secret” ingredients. Try one of the thousands that are on the internet and tweak it to make it your own. Relax and enjoy a great bowl of chili on National Chili Day!

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