National Potato Chip Day is March 14th. The potato “chip” has an interesting history. In 1853, at Moon’s Lake House (Saratoga Springs, NY), a diner didn’t like the way his french fries were made. His complaint was that his fries were not thin enough, as well as being soggy. As a result, the chef sliced the potato wafer-thin, fried in boiling oil and over-salted the dish. Although the chef’s intention was to get back at the diner for complaining, the result was favorable. The diner rewarded the chef with compliments for the dish. Also, other diners began ordering the dish. The thin and crispy potatoes were added to the menu as Saratoga Chips, labeled a house specialty.

Afterward, the chips were bagged and sold first locally, and then throughout New England territory. Today potato chips are sold all over the world. In the United States, the most popular flavors are Regular, Onion, Sour Cream and Barbecue. So, enjoy a well-deserved snack by eating your favorite flavored potato chip on National Potato Chip Day!

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