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The Best Places for The Best Fall Colors

Now that the summer season is behind us we have something else to look forward to:  The Bright Colors of Fall Foliage.  You have to admit, there is something special about your favorite sweater, fall inspired drinks like hot apple cider and the the bright colors that contrast against a blue autumn sky.  The images can be so breathtaking, that there are even train rides offered across the country that take tours through some of the most scenic routes in the world.

There are even some ski-towns that boast the best fall foliage sight-seeing even before the hills get hit with the snow they are more famous for.  Some ski-lodges even offer gondola rides or encourage you to hike through the hills for the best view of color-filled forests.

In Park City, Utah, you can even take a ski-lift over the colorful tree-capped mountains, or take a zip-line or a bike ride to take it all in.

Of course Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company can take you to the airport or train station before you head off to take a tour of the beautiful fall colors. Do you have a favorite place to enjoy the fall foliage?  Feel free to share your responses below!  You can also visit Fellowship Fleet here on our website to place a reservation or contact us a call at 312-922-5037.

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