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Chicago Scene Boat Party 2018

The Chicago Scene Boat Party was started in 2000 by Ted Widen. Widen Gathered a small group of friends and their boats. They headed out to an area near Navy Pier. At a spot on the lake called “The Playpen.”

As a result over 500 boats tie up, and thousands of people come out to enjoy the party every year. Leading to the event becoming one of the largest powerboating events on Lake Michigan. Also, all of the boats are privately owned by some of Chicago’s most prominent, successful professionals.

Due to all the partying one may think it’s not an appropriate family outing. But families can also enjoy the party! The two closest nearby beaches are Ohio Street Beach (400 N. Lakeshore Dr) and Oak Street Beach (1000 N. Lakeshore Dr).

Join us Sat. July 28, 2018 for a weekend filled with music and entertainment at Lake Michigan.

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