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Senior Citizens Day


Senior Citizens Day is the day we honor and recognize contributions made by older persons.  As a result, August 21st is the day we annually observe Senior Citizens Day.  Initially, people were known to celebrate this day on August 14th.  Why?  Because on August 14, 1935, the Social Security Act was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  However, President Ronald Reagan declared August 21st as Senior Citizens Day in 1988.  Also, Senior Citizens Day focuses on issues such as social, health, and economics which affect senior citizens every day.


In honor of older persons, there are many things you can do.  Your block club can plan a picnic for the neighborhood seniors.  This can show them your appreciation for the contributions they’ve made to their community.  Next, you may get the younger generation involved.  Have them take out the trash or wash dishes for the seniors in their life.  These actions may appear trivial, but a older person will appreciate a younger person efforts.  Lastly, simply spend some quality time with a senior.  Let them educate you on their life and life in general.  Seniors tend have entertaining stories to share.  Cherish the senior in your life!

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