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Election Day

Election Day

Place your votes on Election Day

Election Day in the United States is November 6, 2018. Citizens in the United States of America will vote for candidates who they want to hold in office. Public offices include local, state, and national levels. Depending on local and state laws, local and state elections happens in odd or even numbered years. However, Federal elections only happen in even number years.

Although every state vote on the same day, each state have their unique way of voting. At a given time, Oregon’s votes are cast by post. In Washington state, everyone votes by post. Therefore, the envelope that contain voting papers must be have postmark the date of Election Day. Although this is an important day, it is not a federal holiday. However, it is a yearly or biennial holiday in some states such as Delaware, Illinois, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, and West Virginia. In some cases, employees in some states have the right to have time off to vote without losing any pay.

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