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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is annually on November 11th. The observation of this day is to mainly honor the individuals who are living that served in the military of the United States.

History of Veterans Day

There was a truce between Germany and the Allied Nations. The truce took place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. The United States Congress recognized the end of World War I in 1926. So, Congress requested the President issue a proclamation.  It required officials to display the American flag on all government buildings. Also, on November 11th , people in U.S. should observe Armistice day in schools and churches. On May 13, 1938, an approval of an act made November 11 a legal holiday. The holiday was intended to honor veterans of World War I, but World War II required more men of service to fight in Korea. Organizations proposed Congress change the word “Armistice to “Veterans”. On June 1, 1954, Congress approved the change.

Therefore, November 11th became Veterans Day, honoring all American Veterans no matter when or where they served.

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