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National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

National Chocolate Covered Nut Day is on February 25th. Yes, this too is a day! Nuts have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. Here are a few fun facts: 1) walnuts were Ancient Greeks and Romans choice of nuts, 2) Native Americans preferred pecans, and 3) hazelnut was believed to be one of the five sacred nourishments by the Chinese. Also, for sacred rituals, the Aztecs and Mayans used “drinking” chocolate. Sounds like an ancient version of hot chocolate. Furthermore, by the 19th-century chocolate covered pretzels, nuts and fruits were now common practice.

Since both chocolate and nuts can be good for you, why not enjoy a combo of the two? Dark chocolate has a substantial amount of antioxidants, with nuts having the essential fatty acids and linolenic acids. There are endless possibilities with a variety of chocolates and nuts available. So, on National Chocolate Covered Nut Day live a little and enjoy your favorite combination!

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