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Halloween In The Windy City

Halloween in the Windy City is a fun time to celebrate but that doesn’t mean there aren’t precautions to take while celebrating.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Make sure your child is visible to drivers.
Not only do kids need to follow traffic rules and practice pedestrian safety, but they also need to be easily seen by drivers on Halloween night. The best way to do this? Even though your ninja might be disappointed, discourage dark colors and use reflective tape on bags and costumes. For added visibility, have your child carry a flashlight.

Check your kid’s candy.
While cases of Halloween treats that have been tampered with are rare, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious when it comes to the candy. A light, healthy dinner before trick-or-treating will dissuade kids from snacking while out, which will give you a chance to inspect their loot before they dive into it. Discard candy that has tears or holes in the wrappers or other signs of damage, like discoloration. Pass on homemade treats, toss candy that could be a choking hazard if you have young children, and check all labels if your child has a food allergy. Bonus: This is an opportune time to snag a few sweet treats for yourself. N

Never Drink & Drive!
For some, a big draw of the Halloween season is the parties where festive beers and cocktails are served. Remember the adage, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.” If your Halloween plans include going out and drinking, be sure you have a plan so you won’t drink and drive. Book Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company for all your transportation needs.

Adhere to these tips and we promise you’ll have a great time while celebrating Halloween in the Windy City.

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