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Why Private Car Services?

Private vs. Public

Why private car services ? The real question is why not? During this time, we need to stay vigilant about how we move around and to mitigate risks at the same time. Let us show you the difference in this overview of private car service versus public transportation.

Even though we have reduced how we move about to the bare minimum, we still have have essential things to do and places to be either daily or weekly.  Understanding the benefits of using private car service will help us to reduce our exposure and stay healthy.

Here is a compilation of reasons to choose private car services over public transportation. 

Why Private Car Services…

•Sanitized after each client from wiping down the seats, handles and everything that comes in contact with each passenger.

•Sanitizers & disinfectants are available to passengers during the ride. 

•Drivers are forbidden to work when displaying any cold or flu symptoms.

•When riding in sprinters or larger vehicles, rows will be empty between passengers to allow a safe space. 

When choosing public transportation:

•Your commute time can increase your probability of exposure.  More riders make it impossible to have a safe distance between passengers. 

•Surfaces, like seats, straps, etc., can harbor and transfer easily from passenger to passenger after exposure. Preliminary studies suggest that the virus can last from 2-3 hours up to several days on surfaces. 

•The surfaces on public transportation only have a daily cleaning routine which is at the end of the day.  The Chicago Transit Authoirty delivers a monthly ridership report (last reported March 2020). The last report states over 370,000 riders board a train during the week.

On a weekend, over 189,000 passengers ride on just the train. With that number being less than half now while people are working from home, that exposure is still quite extreme with only a daily cleaning routine.

•Other passengers with or without symptoms are still riding public transportation. In looking at the above numbers, wearing a mask will reduce the possibility of one catching the virus. However, being in close proximity to people within 6ft increases your chance of exposure.

For more about Fellowship Fleet Limousine and Bus Company and what we offer as a private car company check out our website! The benefits of private care service clearly outweighs the cons of riding public transportation. Please remember, limiting your exposure to others and wearing a protective face mask increases your chances of staying healthy.

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